Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Playboy February 1971 - For The Dedicated Discophile

A big box of Playboy magazines arrived at the bunker recently. I've been drooling over the sexy images...and the girls aren't bad either. I've posted Playboy scans before here (1965), and more recently, the 'Zap-In' (1969). Ads, fashion spreads (from the smart 60s to far-out'n'flared 70s madness), music, and other images will be coming your way. Stay tuned retronauts, there are many treats, I promise.

That's me, a dedicated discophile who gets and
gives good vibrations (!)
LJ would say: 'Not more books?!' Viceroy, for today's literate

Love the artwork.

Proper 70s kit for the dedicated discophile.

Resonates today, doesn't it?
    Yearly feature. Band members are positioned (1st trumpet
    for instance) according to their place in the poll.

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