Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Playboy, January 1965

Only in Hefner’s universe would Harold Pinter and pin-ups collide as they do in the January 1965 issue. Here, the playboy may contemplate not only the delightful curves of Miss January, but also the cultural allure of Kerouac, Nabokov, Wodehouse, Southern and Bradbury. Yes, Penthouse Man could not survive on carnal pleasure and fast cars alone, apparently. Between playing chess and seducing beautiful women after a hard day on Madison Avenue he was reading quality literature.  

Here comes the obligatory beatnik joke...text by Peter Ustinov.

Below are suggested Christmas presents...what man wouldn't be happy to receive a Dunhill book bar?


Miss January has a go at some 'dabstract' art...

To prove that the playboy is not politically unaware or inherently right-wing...

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