Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Traversable Wormhole & Sum by David Eagleman

A sad day...the Jelly Belly box of beans has been emptied. On top of the two strong coffees I’ve had this could explain why, five minutes later, I was jumping around the room to a track from the Traversable Wormhole series, telling myself it was good exercise to stave off the growth of an unsightly jelly belly.

The Traversable Wormhole series of five EPs really is a first-class thing, a sinister, throbbing, moody selection of Techno. ‘Superluminal’ is especially good, but there are high points throughout...and if you turn it up loud, close your eyes and shake your chair violently you may pretend to be traversing a wormhole, at light speed...whereby the molecules of your body dissolve...and you die.

Which brings me to ‘Sum’, by David Eagleman, a small book with big ideas...similar ideas to those of Italo Calvino’s ‘Cosmicomics’ world in that he plays with notions of reality and cosmic concepts but here specifically speaks of the afterlife and it’s various forms. You may wake up in a suburb, or a waiting room...face technicians, or God. You may relive all your experiences one chunk at a time, therefore spend fifty-one days deciding what to wear...although in my case, it would amount to twice that, probably. It’s a fantastic book which, as the hyperbole would have it, and I agree, does make you think about how you’re living your life here and now.

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