Monday, 3 October 2011

It's 1969 OK - A Zap-In Party For Spaceniks Courtesy Of Playboy Magazine

Fancy a Zap-In? 'Course you do. Playboy show us how. It's 1969 OK, all across the USA, and we have 'kicky costumes, 'futuristically inspired food', and a 'wild and wooly rock band' - what more could you want? Well, something other than a wild and wooly rock band would be good (ie, a Moog-lead ensemble playing Free-psyche-jazz) but you can't have everything. The girls 'merrily go the Barbarella route' while the men 'opt for tight-fitting 2001-style space suits or Flash Gordonesque spangled robes' - yeah, baby! Anyone for a ladle of Interplanetary Punch?



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