Monday, 10 October 2011

Univrs – Alva Noto (Raster-Noton)

This album pleases me very much.

Asymetric tones, noises, sweeps.

Less is more. Sometimes.

‘Asymetric Sweep’ sounds like dolphins communicating in deep space. And is totally engrossing.

‘Uni Deform’ sounds like a bout between two machines which short-circuit and expire. It is brilliant.

‘Uni Asymetric III-III’ is the sound of road-drilling, on the moon, as heard from within a capsule.

If the most sophisticated robot ever built dreamt of disco music, it would probably sound like this.

If I cut up the Wiki page on Noto, edited it, and presented it as a ‘prose poem’, it would look like this:

strict electronic
conceptual album
electronic principles
transform space
through rhythmic clicks
transforming sound
modern clicks
painting beauty by sound
experimental filtered space
tone landscape
signal sound codes
microscopic rhythmic process.

Available at Boomkat

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