Tuesday, 4 April 2017


First classic electro-derangement from Swiss composer Francisco Meirino (Misantropic Agenda, Entr'acte, Antifrost) the Basque country’s Miguel A. Garcia aka Xedh (Crónica, Idealstate) - the perfect accompaniment for some picture-making this afternoon...an ideal soundtrack to images I've been working with, such as this...

More pictures over here

Noise often plain annoys me but Nonmenabsorbium permeates my lugholes in a pleasing manner and as fans of the genre will tell you there's much more to 'it' than you think, than I think, than one may think when first repulsed by the apparently pointless torturing of machines and, more to the point, listeners such as myself who, in a terribly old-fashioned way ultimately prefers some refinement and sophistication in their non-melodic/rhythmic sounds as provided by legends such as the you-know-whos of great historical significance from France, Germany the USA and elsewhere although, I admit, it's unfair to compare all contemporary electronic sound to The Classics therefore I shan't, in this case especially since it speaks for itself, can stand up for itself in a fight against Them, probably, such is the sublime aesthetic of this album and as I speak, listening to Abholicater, the astute use of what sounds like the ghost of Pierre Schaeffer's train being shunted from the 40s into the present is but one of the joys of this particular collection of noise-not-noises.

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