Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Sell! Buy! The Art Of Typewriting, Jeff Nuttall's Performance Art / Ben Vida's Damaged Particulates

A conundrum, isn't it? To sell or buy or sell and buy or just sell or only buy - dilemma of the Western material world - discuss consumerism in the 21st century (existential angst of), report & write back. No, don't...

Sold stuff for £120 today, which is more than I expected to get for the CDs and vinyl - "Mmm, nice," said the shop assistant, holding Goldie's Timeless (dble vinyl) - yeah, "OK, so what? I've got the CD, don't you know there's a CD revival?" I never said, because as you know vinyl gets premium prices these days and I'm only too willing to exploit the fact.

So I mosey on down the road and come across one of those book warehouse outlet places where The Art Of Typewriting is sitting on the top shelf to my right as I walk in...£12 - result! The work is taken from the Sackner archive. You can see a film about Ruth and Marvin here

Here's a piece by me called Bourgeois Common Sense...there's a lot more vispo of mine here...

Re-reading Jeff Nuttall's classic, Bomb Culture (PDF file here) as I have been recently, it was a fine coincidence to come across Performance Art Scripts in the charity shop later - from dipping in, it looks like a great read...


Image result for ben vida particulates

New from Shelter Press, Ben Vida's Damaged Particulates, two long form pieces which extricate seemingly infinite potential from sonic waveforms of grand variation in tempo and density as opposed to adhering to singular moods as many producers do - so good - you have to play the title track several times to even begin to appreciate the ebb and flow, the trickles, squiggles, ripples, dips and flights. It's reminiscent of pioneering computer music in it's clean, crisp, exuberant exploration of what a machine can do. The second piece maintains a steadier mood, classically building from delicate tones to a deeper, sustained texture.

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