Friday, 17 July 2015

M.E.S.H. - Piteous Gate (PAN)

On repeat all afternoon and meshing with my head whilst I throw words into the concrete mixer - ha- ha! James Whipple (M.E.S.H., an acronym for what, I don't know, but how about Murderous Electronic Sound Head? No?) may well have influenced my visual work what with the razor sharp dicing 'n' slicing he performs in sound. Not in a plunderphonic sense, you understand, but more like taking a scythe to all manner of genres, most imagined by me, such as Trip-Score, Blade-Hop and Hip-Cut...yes. Walk through the Piteous Gate; it's a portal, perhaps to LA circa 2019, although Ridley was a little off in his predictive powers because as far as I know the City Of Angels is not populated by renegade replicants. No matter, an Oriental feel seeps through here, melodically, at times, then again from the kind of Source Direct-style Samurai sword slashing sound. The trick is to offset cinematic, sweeping melodic (under)statements with brutal, fractured sonic wallops. Add smart details and thoughtful arrangements for good measure. Ace. 

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