Thursday 16 July 2015

Concrete/Field - Hidden Workings / We Saw Human Guinea Pigs Explode - Various

The final Concrete / Field release? In Mark Chickenfish's own words, due to: 'temporal austerity measures' - ha! That would be a real shame. Hidden Workings exemplifies all that's good about the Other Electronics world, that little place, fit for free minds, alternative schemes, lo-key but resolving not to swim in the same stagnant pool as most practitioners of wired sound. A Galaxy Of Sewers is apt, we're lying in one, but staring up at the stars, at least for the duration of that track's ecstatic sound. Mark crafts many moods, from the hard-edged Suppressor to the likes of Crisis and Resolution, which actually features a traditional drum beat (shock!). A Child's Vision of Hell brilliantly rinses your brain with the tortured strings of an infernal orchestra, the likes of which Bernard Hermann dare not imagine. 

The time's right for a Punk and Electronic music to form an axis power in the spirit of '78 and the pre-Thatcherite busted Britain of cheap techno kits blossoming in the bedroom of dustbin-bred dreamers, isn't it? Back then a whiff of the white (Rock) riot was still in the air along with sparks of newly synthesised things to come. So here's the next breed, born for this Tory Britannia of food banks and the class war culling cuts, a brilliant comp for a good cause, London's homeless support group The Simon Community. 26 tracks for a fiver minimum fee, great value considering the quality. The quality, as you might guess by the cover, being the rough-edged type; raw power attitude from gobby Punk to course electronics. There's a nod to the Ragga Twins on Warehouse Liquidation's chopped breakbeat gem, Jungle Owes Me £5. Oi! The Spambot's Crown Court remakes Warm Leatherette. Ekoplekz, Ship Canal and Libbe Matz Gang are also on board, the latter's Hackney Vandal Patrol / Rabies Suspect being one highlight. Come the revolution, here's the soundtrack, but failing that it puts fire in your belly. Get it here

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