Friday, 6 May 2016

A Year In The Country - The Quietened Village​

More 'Audiological Research & Pathways case studies' from A Year In The Country, encased in quality packaging, as ever....

...which would mean nothing if it was merely fancy dressing for shallow content, as is the case in much modern cottage industry output whether in sound or vision...welcome to the nice age...of sumptuous trivia... I've suggested before, probably with reference to previous creations by A Year In The Country, just when you think H**ntology really has run its course, something like this comes along. The success of the project is no doubt due to the dedication and thought that goes into it, rather than just playing with the notion of this spectre-filled isle as a fashionable subject. Not that The Quietened Village is all retro-Folky imaginary lost songs from The Wicker Man. Howlround's Flying Over A Glassed Wedge may be retrospective in it's Forbidden Planet mood, yet thanks to expert execution, is very much it's own menacing beast. Polypores's Playground Ritual is another highlight, with a title that suggests dark pre-pubescent activity whilst sounding like...yes, something akin to that, minus malicious intent and, dare I say, a harmonic, mysterious sort of bliss. A new track by Time Attendant is always welcome and Paul Snowdon doesn't disappoint with Day Blink. The cheapest CD version has sold out but the more luxurious box is still available or you can buy the download here.

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