Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Dies Juvenalis / Toilet Chant - BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS

HG1603 Cover 10cm-300x300 in releasesHG1602 Cover 10cm-300x300 in releases

Two reissues on Hallow Ground by Pierce and Massimo aka Black Sun Productions, neither of which struck me as anything special at first but have grown in stature over the weeks. I really should pay more attention. That said, music sometimes has a way of worming its way into your consciousness if left alone, i.e., barely listened to at all. Dies Juvenalis (originally released as ltd. CD in 2007) only contains three tracks. This is good. More releases should only contain three tracks. I suppose they do; they're called 'EPs'. I told you I should pay more attention.

Right now the opener, Percettive Riflessioni, is distracting me, as music should, but perhaps not whilst trying to write about it. Repetition is the key here, of chopped vocals, tapping beat and subtly shifting keyboard drone, with strings introduced to ramp up the intensity. It makes no sense and I don't mind. Dies Juveniles begins with pipes, the kind you might hear should you venture into Burroughs' Interzone where, I suspect, Pierce and Massimo have spent some time. It's marimba (?) rhythm is pumped up by chants and drum, reminding me of the industrial jungle explored by many in this field but done here with considerable finesse, mainly because there's not a metal-grinder in sight. Veneration XXX manages to be both 'ambient' yet meaty and you know I'm not fan of Ambient yet this works.

Toilet Chant (from 2004) is generally more abrasive, though not through extensive application of noise, but more the unsettling cut-up sound and rhythm applied, to excellent effect on Anarcocks Rising, Anarcocks being another name they record under. They're a pair of anarchic cocks, I warn you. E2 = Tree 3 stands out, getting the grinding beat going with layers which include Jhonn Balance's vocals, urging the whole thing on - very good. It ends with Spermatic Cord, a 'trip', the effect of which is seductive and disturbing, just as Pierce and Massimo probably desired. More Anarcocks releases on Bandcamp.

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