Monday, 14 March 2016

Book Art Shop / John Cage Badges / Viv Albertine

RTomens, 2016

Dropped a few copies of Hybrid Digital into the BookArt Bookshop on Saturday and had a good chat with the woman working there about galleries, indie book shops, the state of things etc. Turns out she's a self-confessed 'romantic' with loads of enthusiasm for the London 'scene', which I have no knowledge of and don't believe exists other than in the form of a few individual places. That's my gripe. I want a collective, a place where makers of interesting stuff can meet and throw crockery at each other in disputes over the dictatorship of galleries, art college status quo and bourgeois fucking mindset. But there is no such place. Still, she did her best to persuade me that all was not lost, without success.

I bought some badges by Mark Pawson, who I've known since doing Ego. Couldn't resist... I'm wearing a badge for the first time in years, usually preferring not to ruin my otherwise sartorially perfect appearance, but only on a casual jacket...

...wearing it to Work I was hoping someone in the lift would either ask me who John Cage is, thus giving me approximately five seconds to sum him up (perhaps 5 seconds of silence would have been a good answer), or slap me on the arm, saying "I love John Cage too!". Thereby striking up a friendship with someone of high standing who gets me a pay rise based on our mutual appreciation of John Cage. Or just a friendship would do. To my surprise, neither happened, but there's time yet. I'll keep you posted.

Having recently finished Viv Albertine's book, this morning I looked up some tracks from her solo album, The Vermilion Border and was surprised at how good they are. Not because I expected them to be awful, but because I generally don't like modern music involving guitars and singing. Sounds stupid, I know, but there you are and here she is...

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