Saturday, 13 September 2014

Neotantrik - Blue Amiga (Pre-Cert)

With an instant MP3 version available when bought from Boomkat,  you may as well throw the record away when it arrives. No, give it to your local charity shop. Imagine the delight in someone's eyes when they see it there amongst the Elton John and Queen albums. Assuming they know what the Pre-Cert label is about...and they slept on buying Blue Amiga. What are the chances of that happening? You giving it away, I mean, never mind the rest.

Andy Votel and Sean Canty know how to make cults of themselves; only get 500 LPs pressed. Not just that, they make astonishingly good music as Neotantrik and on Pre-Cert have put out quality releases by Xian Orphic and N.Racker. More than mere Giallo soundtrack copyists, they avoid wearing obvious influences on their sleeves. Guests Suzanne Ciani and Bruno Spoerri give you some clues as to where they're coming from, but throughout the six tracks so many sounds are woven in as to defy simple categorisation.

With chattering synths, drones and unnameable sound elements, the collage of Mimologue echoes the early electronic pioneers. Amanita Cecilae (almost the name of a mushroom minus one 'i', honest) is more obviously Giallo soundtrack-influenced but succeeds by keeping it's distance. Ferrat Nova's title tells you it might be a space-age soundtrack and it would make a good by John Carpenter. Within The Boundaries Of Knowledge is Neotantrik at their best. It splices a hint of wordless horror vocal with Free sax and rewound high-speed speech that suggest dark psychosis, whilst the minimal simple organ refrain suggests the tragic plight of some tortured soul from the asylum and his victims. That sort of thing.

The sort of thing this short album (37mins) suggests, like most Pre-Cert releases, is that the Devil is in the detail. Less is more. What is suggested through stealth equals more than throwing buckets of sonic blood at the listener.

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