Saturday, 13 September 2014

E.P: Zavoloka - Volya (Kvitnu)

Another solid release from Kvitnu. It has balls of steel, but let's not get all macho about it. Balls without brains are...I was going to say 'useless', but for procreation, that's not strictly you can see by watching people in any high street for five minutes. 

It's from Ukraine, and funds from sales will go to 'volunteers' working for the good of the country. That aside, it's a damned good session which may display Pan Sonic influences has enough about it to deny accusations of simply being a rip-off. The longest track, Slavlennya, is especially good, building on a great post-hoover bass with the kind of rich dynamics that fill all three tracks. There are subtle touches and attention to detail that make it stand out from the pack.


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