Monday, 15 September 2014

Ekoplekz - Four Track Mind (Planet Mu)

Ekoplekz and Pierre Henry together is a pairing Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz) would enjoy, I'm sure. He doesn't know that he's already collaborated with the legend, if only in my room. I happened to leave Pierre Henry's Coexistence (honestly) playing whilst listening to Four Track Mind. It worked, of course.

Most of these tracks come from the Unfidelity sessions but I think this is a better album. With three tracks stretching over the 8-minute mark, Edwards has room to stretch his legs, so-to-speak and it's to our benefit. Ariel Grey can therefore evolve to the point where the trademark Ekoplekz mood goes East of The River into Augustus Pablo territory for a while. Ekoplekz Meets Augustus Pablo Uptown is another imaginary collaboration I'd like to hear.

This is like Ekoplekz plus, if you get my drift. It's darker than a lot of what he's done, Return To The Annexe especially. But those DIY beats are still in evidence, as is the overall feeling that Nick is experimenting as he goes and leaving much of it alone rather than heavily editing the results. Only 300 available.

Planet Mu

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