Thursday, 9 February 2012

Slant Azymuth - Slant Azymuth

The cult of Pre-Cert gathers pace - it's now liked by 152 people on Facebook which, let's be honest, is the one true measure of popularity in the modern world. Their albums sell out every time - how about that? OK, they only press a handful...400, perhaps, which is one sure way to create a smug sense of satisfaction when your industry is not cottage, but more Wendy House. That's a good thing, isn't it? Small is beautiful. And there's a small amount of music here, about 34mins-worth.
The starter, 'Gray Equidae', could be an outtake from Pierre Henry's Variations Pour Une Porte. Then comes the Grand Guignol horror theatrics of 'Intervision 1', a black metallic beast, all thundering drums and soaring (or sawing) noise. 'Helicial Scan' scrapes out your brain and serves it up for a voodoo ritual during which there's much wailing from a siren of sacrifice, after which you thank them very much and ask for more. 'Intervision 3' has a distinct character to it, being more of an electronic bleep construction featuring the extended growling of a carnivorous robot.

I do hope you get the idea. I'm doing my best under difficult circumstances, namely, being under the spell of a sonic concoction with few, if any, direct comparisons in the music world. They close with 'U-Matic Thrill', which without hearing you might fear is a Nine-Inch Nails tribute, although that's unlikely. A driller killer drone with jack-hammer beats, perhaps? Guess what, it's neither. After the dread of the first five minutes it develops a steady pulse which creates a calming undertow, almost soothing, until you realise that the beat is designed to hypnotise you into walking into that basement...or buying the next Pre-Cert release.

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