Friday, 10 February 2012

My Own Particular Opinions & Fancies inc An Antidote To The Consumer Society Blues

New day.
New post.
New picture for you that I took whilst on holiday. Martin Parr, eat your heart out...

Here's an album...

You can get it if you really want it.

Quote of the week:

For what is all this but my own particular opinions and fancies?

Recent scene in a bar: 
LJ tells a woman that I write a blog. Woman opens her Nokia cell phone and searches for it. 
'What's Slant Azymuth?' She says. 
'Music', I reply. 
She laughs: 'I've never heard of them!'
Well, what a surprise...

Here's a man conducting tape recorders...

Righteous words from Kurt...

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe this to be true. I believe a lot of troubled folk would be more content if they wrote, painted, played music etc. Simply singing in the shower or dancing to the radio (it didn't help Ian Curtis) wouldn't do the trick, though. Tapping into the creative source within is more satisfying than just consuming, feeding the beast that is never satiated. Yes, we all crave material goodies, but since most of us don't achieve the 'dream' life in that sense, self-expression in any art form is a fine antidote to the consumer society blues.

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