Friday, 17 February 2012

Eroina & Niente LPs - Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Orgasmo

Update: Eroina is now here.

...'scuse me whilst I get carried away - and isn't that what music supposed to make us do? - two absolute belters from G.I.N.C., both from 1971, both loaded with funky drummer free Jazz deviant grooves & atmospherics like no-one else could deliver. Surfacing from the deep Improv pond to smack us in the chops with this shit! Too much. 

You could say words fail me. You could say 'I've got them!', in which case, well done, top marks, have a gold star. I've raved about G.I.N.C. before here and here - well give me one good reason why I shouldn't again.

Ennio's squawking like a cockerel, if cockerels squawk, and I might get to rambling, 'cause that's what I've been told I do quite often - well be it...but this music is so fantastic, it makes me lose my sense of anything - time, place, grammar (which, let's face it, I didn't have much of  anyway) - 

Some slow drag drugged-up jazzy blues haze of sound floats through the speaker...'Bali'...and the thing is...this is the thing: I don't know of another group that managed to absolutely perfect this kind of fusion, aside from Miles, you might say, but in a different manner, of course. 

Sure, there are many treasures yet to be discovered, children, and I say go forth and find them, for me, and if you do, write back from your travels through the forest of files - 'cause I can't believe there's anything to compare with this. Not that you will write, I understand, there's so little time, and none for 'comments' - and what feels like a lifetime ago I did say I'm glad not have loads of comments to deal with because they'd take up more of my precious time, time that could be spent listening to G.I.N.C, or watching telly, 
or rambling  > > > > >

> > > > in the countryside, which I love to do, because it relieves me of the weight of urban existence in the form of traffic, overcrowded transport, & overcrowding generally - people are OK but, you know, in small doses, which is one reason I hate big concerts, or 'gigs', as I believe they're known, because who wants to be amongst thousands of sheeple bleating their appreciation of a Rock/Jazz (exception, if Charlie Parker came back tomorrow & played there would be thousands in attendance, I suppose, and I'd be one of them, but can you imagine Bird playing an arena?! No, neither can I), Dance (urgh), Reggae band - no. 

Perhaps you and me appreciating this music doesn't amount to a hill of beans, but so what? It's our thing, and we wouldn't swap it for all the tea in China or anything by Lana Del Ray, certainly, would we? 

Listen Hear

This is the reissue vinyl version of Niente that The Roundtable label have just produced, and it's gone already since only 500 were pressed.

But you can Listen Hear


  1. A shame it's been deleted already even though the album is now unavailable...

  2. Been checking her every day... Hope it hasn't been and gone already!


  3. Eroina link is top of the page, Chris. (Click on 'here')

  4. Hi there! :) I got Niente from a different source. Amazing, amazing work which makes me think free jazz was born in some different place than I thought before. This is a discovery for me. OK, I've done many discoveries for me, but not so much of that kind... They are absolutely crazy and that true spirit of novelty is still felt, still powerful. Keep sharing, keep holding the treasures like these.

    1. Hi Laima - finding the roots of 'free Jazz' is not easy, although one obvious milestone is Ornette Coleman's album of the same name. Anyway, yes, G.I.N.C. were truly amazing. This isn't primarily a sharing site, but I will continue to post a few. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Hi El Hombre,
    thanks, but It was actually just Niente I was waiting for ;-)


  6. Thank you El Hombre for EROINA what a treat. I can truly identify with your thoughts and feelings about the world, life & people. I don't want to waste your precious time but would like to request if possible a repost of NIENTE & IMPROVISATIONAL MOOD MUSIC FOR MODERN DREAM EXTENSIONS. Again Thank you!

    1. Greetings James. Check the above link again for Niente and the recent post featuring Max Ernst & G.I.N.C. for The Private Sea Of Dreams. Thank you for the comment. Long may you dream...and enjoy Include Me Out.


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