Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sex & Bestiality Tapes, Death Transmission, Whitney As A Doughnut,

>>>>> so he wasn't writing much, these days - so what - he blew smoke at the computer screen (sounds from Sex & Bestiality tapes coming out the speakers) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

'Snake Naked Ann' by Anthon Shield...sounds like a character from a Bill Burroughs novel, he thought, listening to a woman making erotic sounds whilst a male voice intones over electronic warble...

>>>>> a few days ago he'd likened Whitney Houston to a doughnut all because a fox had dragged a tray that once contained raw meat out of the rubbish bag - so he thought about how foxes will eat anything, then compared himself to a fox, consuming culture, but decided he wasn't fox-like because he was too fussy - but the comparison between the raw bloody remains of meat & certain music he liked to lap up was there - 'Do foxes eat doughnuts?' - Whitney was the musical equivalent of a doughnut, he concluded (her saccharine miasma-drenched theatrics...sweet, sickly, irresistible to the with a taste for that kind of thing - they hardly noticed the passing of Etta James, most of them) ...............................his funeral would not be broadcasted 'live' over the Net...............perhaps that'll be the new thing...folks having their funerals 'live' on the Net......So Who Owns Death TV?

Alistair  asked 'Who writes articles these days?' - good question - who can be bothered to read on the Net? He wondered....most popular apart from the professional blogs were those serving as dumps for images culled from other blogs, he thought - and that's OK. people just like to look at pretty/weird/interesting pictures - so the Net's one big picture book - so what?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>  he didn't want to see another damn 'LOLcat', ever <<<<<<<<<<

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