Saturday, 7 January 2012

Afro Noise - Cut Hands

One I missed last year but was alerted to it by the new release of vinyl editions, the 'long-awaited vinyl editions', according to Boomkat. Why anyone eagerly awaits vinyl after the event is a mystery to me. Vinyl is such hard work. You have to get up, walk over to the record player, lift things like the record, and the stylus arm. Not that I'm lazy or anything. The only vinyl I value are LPs like this, or this.  Cut hands is Whitehouse noise merchant William Bennett's solo project. I read that there are even some Whitehouse tracks on here. Perhaps 'Bia Mintatu' is one of them since it's more Noise than percussion. I've never heard a Whitehouse track, and reading about them, I don't want to. It's a simple formula, adorn tribal percussion with electronic sheets of sound. But it's very effective, akin to what 23 Skidoo did all those years back. The sound of Bennett's life in the bush with ghosts of heavy industrial manufacturing has a certain muscular charm. The efforts of others to marry Afro with hi-tech fall prey to the quest for finely-tuned precision, thereby sterilising the product. But Bennett creates something more brutal and earthy. And for my money, that makes it far more interesting.

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