Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Wife The Dancer LP - A Vile Exhortation To Ignore Domestic Tasks

Look at this disgusting long-playing record. Here is a shameful strumpet who has fallen prey to the plague of immorality that has ruined the civilised world! Since the so-called 'emancipation' of women they have become slaves to base behaviour such as baring their flesh for profit and the pleasure of men. Contrary to the creator's claim, this is not a 'fun album', but a vile exhortation to ignore domestic tasks in favour of doing the 'Take-It-Off-Polka' and 'The Zip Strip'. I purchased this album in a charity shop having chastised them for peddling such filth. Had I not done so, it may well have fallen into the hands of an impressionable man who would have then set about corrupting his wife. Lest I be accused of promoting this kind of thing, I have not presented the whole image. I felt, however, that it was my duty to show you the depth to which the recording industry will sink in the name of financial gain. Shame on them!

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