Monday, 14 February 2011

Blonde Bombshell Easy Latin LP Cover Of The Month

In these serious times when everyone here in the UK is worried about ‘the cuts’, the government in general, and whether their job is safe, I thought it necessary to seek out and supply an image, at least, of music that is spiritually uplifting as well as being politically astute...then I thought, hold on, I’ve not shown the world one of my fantastic charity shop finds, so here it is...

Easy Latin albums aren’t exactly rare in charity shops but I’ve yet to find one with a cover that’s as raunchy as this. Not that I make it my missions to seek out raunchy LP covers, honest. I do think the bikini top being undone is rather risqué.
   Chaquito ‘has moved along the musical treadmill’, from which we can deduce that he has absolutely no aspiration to be artistically credible. Or perhaps he wasn’t too happy with Jack Baverstock’s sleevenote description of his musical standing. I can only concur with Jack, though, when he says it is ‘Not raucous, not blasting, but smoothly different (well, that’s not exactly true), exceedingly attractive (is he still talking about the music?) – and highly rhythmic’. Quite.


  1. i have this record too, blogged about it here:
    lots more latin/bossa on that blog too

  2. Yep, it's a gem. I look forward to an album called 'Ekoplekz Plays Latin!' from you this year.

  3. that's probably not gonna happen, although i did do an experimental mix of bossa in dub, called 'Eko Serenade' for Exotic Pylon last year.


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