Tuesday 5 September 2017

Shit and Shine - Some People Really Know How To Live

Shit and Shine. Some People Really Know How To Live. Editions Mego. Available now.

You want more? That's enough.

Unless you're unconvinced of Shit and Shine's genius, brilliance ability to pulverise your skull so bad it's good, not like Noise, not like that kind of terror - terror that comes to dance...on your grave - what larks, Pip! And so on. Shit and Shine party like: it's the end of the world, like nothing else matters, like...it's 1999 only better, but I can't remember music from 1999, can you? Instead, imagine a future where right-thinking maniacs have distilled the essence of bastard hip-hop DJs, Autechre's evil brother, Alec Empire circa Hypermodern Jazz...imagine what you like, I don't care.

In case you think Shit And Shine are all bluster and boulder-sized beats, they can be more minimal, as on Girl Close Your Eyes, which is still sinister.

Unless your computer speakers are shit hot, don't think you've heard things properly. The things here demand proper speakers. With bass. Make them wobble. Get a car with a bass-heavy sound system...you know, like the kind that annoy the fuck out of you when they drive past, but play this Shit And Shine album LOUD instead...and drive them mad. It should be a crime, foisting your music on others like that. Unless your music is this album.

If you don't like it, as the sample on Raining Horses says: 'Get out of town'. Editions Mego

And this here's the best music video I've seen for a long time...

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