Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Sun Ra on Bandcamp

Greetings from London where, from my exclusive residency, I deign to broadcast my thoughts to you, the common person of the street, being a place I rarely dare visit for fear of catching an awful virus or worse still, be forced to endure the kind of music played in high street shops. As you may have read, though, I did venture out last Thursday night to see The Fall at the 100 Club, the repercussions of which I am still feeling; not due to alcohol abuse, but social network conversations about said musical event and especially the physical condition of Mark E. Smith. That will teach me for raising the subject and reaping the seemingly endless responses when I should have known His followers are many and obsessive.

My main mission today is about Sun Ra. I'm not sure how long these albums have been on Bandcamp but I only saw an FB notification today and I suspect it's a recent creation. Somehow this seems likes a special development if only to help spread The Word and allow many non-believers to at least sample his cosmo-message on something other than YouTube, where they are likely to be plagued by advertisements, as we all are. A friend asked me where to start and although I suggested a few albums it felt like merely scratching the surface of His infinite sound universe. His recordings are finite, but once on Sun Ra's strange celestial road I feel time has little meaning and the the process of discover seems endless.

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  1. Holy crap, thanks for this! Don't know why they don't announce this stuff on the Saturn listserv...had no idea this was here. Great to have streaming access to some of the bonus tracks and unreleased stuff they're putting out. I don't so the facebook thing, so guess I'm out of it. Anyway, thanks!!!


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