Monday, 7 August 2017

Label: COMA †‡† KULTUR

COMA †‡† KULTUR is a label name but could also describe the net-induced state we find ourselves in when spending too much time gazing at this screen. In the process of seeking out good music it's easy to become consumed by the zombie death brain rays that are a by-product of this thing. Even supposedly pleasurable pursuits such as listening to music can turn our minds to mush as we first walk, then stumble before free-falling into the black hole.

Thanks to a network relationship I've been receiving COMA †‡† KULTUR information for some time but only got 'round to really investigating the label this afternoon. If this blog has any point other than to keep me occupied for a few hours it is to highlight good things and this is one. The latest release is below, which as you'll discover brilliantly adapts the musique concrète approach to it's own end. The roster of artists all represent a certain sound aesthetic of rough-hewn, sometimes brutal but always thoughtfully constructed composition and all works are 'name your price'. Go have a listen.

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