Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Kurt Weill's Die Sieben Todsünden / Oneirika by zeitkratzer + ELLIOTT SHARP

on the day that I found Kurt Weill's Die Sieben Todsünden for 50p (need I tell you how good it is? of course not)'s appropriate that I should also listen to Oneirika by zeitkratzer + ELLIOTT SHARP - the berlin connection - would Weill have approved? who knows? (not of my pairing, but of the avant-orchestral Zeitkratzer) something about them tells me he...might? what a fantastic pointillist-action-sonic sound this is - all over - drums pound, saxophone scribbles (march of death like horrendously portentous on VI - of what? the death of something/war against something & to transport american Sharp's composition to berlin of cabaret-era berlin theatric the nazi national socialist death camp figurehead grinning in the wings). Really first class. even, at times, bernard Herrmann-esque horror strings plus everything that's great about Zeitkratzer, here taking a chance on John Cage (apparent inspiration for Elliott's composition) the upward/downward dance of strings on VIII is stunning...

otherwise, Oneirika offers everything you want from music (unless you're in the mood to dance/relax/hum along) - it's total music, all-encompassing, from deft atmospherics to a deluge of noise.

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