Friday, 9 June 2017

Jason Williamson / Life, art, survival...

Sun Ra Arkestra, 1981
The general election's over.
Who won?
Labour lost well. Jeremy Corbyn's taking Samuel Beckett's old dictum seriously by failing better!

On the subject of society and politics, here's Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods chatting with the famous (in the UK anyway) ranting taxi driver about life and stuff. It's a good conversation so watch all three. In this one they discuss being creative whilst still having to do a mundane job... they say, you get 'smashed to bits', as everyone struggling with daily life in drudgery or the doledrums does although whether it's worse if you're 'creative' I don't know. What that does mean is that you think you should be doing something better, ie earning a living from your art, as opposed to simply thinking there's a better life out there. I know all about that, being a 'failure' at school at suffering in Work ever since, except for the few years I spent on the dole, which was a kind of freedom, albeit without much money, of course. It's interesting that Jason admits to feeling some guilt about his success and he raises an interesting point about the notion that he 'doesn't deserve it'. That's what's drummed into the working class, the idea that we don't deserve better because we didn't study hard enough, weren't ambitious enough etc. Where I disagree with him is his idea that if you 'keep going' you'll make it. That's obviously not true. But you must keep going with your art for the sake of claiming something special for yourself in an otherwise mundane daily existence.

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