Friday, 23 June 2017

Coltrane Kulture caffeine etc

go out the gate woman in her car windows shut music playing loud - not, not that, anything but that insipid, shitty bland disco(new)beat song of radio bland hateful high street shop audio torture that tears your soul (your what?) apart - no
so walking up the road wondering why nobody's angry anymore, about LeRoi Jones, about John Coltrane, about Marxism, about the fact that people in a tent at Glastonbury started chanting jeremy corbyn and THAT made the fucking news! about the stink of disinfected culture doused in chemicals to cleanse it all of what has made music/art great - the sweat, dirt, stain,smudge, smear - anger/noise - what annoys me is of no importance, only being kulture (state of) when people have been burnt black to their bones because of safety standards ignored, burnt in fires through Portugal, rammed by vans, stabbed by terrorists & on the world doesn't stop ever being a grave for someone who didn't expect The End quite so soon - 

-so go up the shop buy some chocolate - you need an uplift - make fresh coffee - eat the chocolate...

Kulu Se Mama Coltrane calls because Leroi Jones made me think of him - it's a very real thing on a disc that's old and fell apart when I dropped it...

so I sing this melody an old refrain the urge to complain to myself of how things are and were and could never be again - the nostalgia of rebel culture May 68, Zurich 1917, London '76 etc -

Selflessness is playing - oh Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders who we watched bump his head on the beam at the Jazz Cafe once walking on stage - "what are you in this world and where are you going?" - "I just don't know"
see, people are too tolerant - why? - because it's the thing to be all Mr & Mrs People ex-youth now parental even taking the offsprings to festivals (which aren't for freaks anymore - you noticed?) - you bitter old man! 
hold on 5mins 18secs into the tune McCoy Tyner solo -

nuff to turn a person to religion - the holy church of the eighty-eights in His hands - 

"Each to their own"
what? all we do is tolerate - "If you don't like it, don't listen" - you need to rip off your ears & tear out your eyes to avoid this shit - in cars, in shops, out of windows, in backyards come summer, on the internet you can't click fast enough to avoid your eyeballs being tattooed in a nanosecond by news/advertising infiltration & even your 'friends' bug you with shit - social mediacide - 

silence - except for a car rolling by & the neighbour upstairs moving furniture around - clock says six swallow coffee go cook some dinner...

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