Friday, 10 February 2017

The Irony / Gone in 60 Sec Vol. 4

One great thing about these days is...Chelsea FC being top of the league, very top...another is the fact that you can choose to exist, or not, by which I mean that being on the social network of global info spillage is deemed a necessity yet should you wish you can be off it and therefore not actually exist you this third thing I'm not sure about, initially believing it to be good but reconsidering at this very moment....the thing is...irony... prompted by the I Heart Noise label, it's name and the t-shirt shown on its Bandcamp site which distances itself from the normal red graphic heart by featuring a diagram of a real one followed by 'Audible Disease' to make the point that if possible they would infect your essential organ via a sonic virus - the nasty people. Yet the very use of 'I Hear't is, of course, an ironic one. Being ironic is almost inescapable in this post-truth universe. After all, wear your heart on your sleeve and you're at risk of looking foolish. I can look foolish in other ways, thanks. Still, there's currently a push'n'pull fight between irony and sincerity; one side urging you to bear your soul (it will endear you to everyone!), the other everything - shrugging too because to shrug, scoff, sigh (in resignation) is to appear wiser than those who take everything (and themselves) so seriously. It's not worth it!

I wanted to tell a friend who said he had 'Trump worries' to do the exact opposite and not give a fuck (he's English, living in Scotland, by the way) but after some consideration didn't want to appear patronising. If old notions of Left and Right are disappearing, side-taking certainly isn't. You only have to whisper a brief political opinion these days to be branded as something. So it goes...

But what about Gone In 60 Sec Vol 4 on the I Heart Noise label? Music is one thing that can help, if not save us from the worries of the world - mind you, if you want a sonic representation of today's political chaos you should look no further than Wirephobia's 3,258,629. Thankfully, despite it being my kind of Noise, ie very brief, it's not representative of what's going on here. The noise isn't Noise as you might know it. The collective effect is more akin to plunderphonics, with more or less everything chopped into one-minute portions including skroky geetar, vocal samples, ambient drift, shortwave cut-n'paste, glitchiness and unclassifiables. A very good comp.

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