Thursday, 26 January 2017

Winter Blues / Marion Brown / Funk (RIP)

Is this the season of The Big Slump? Is it me? Or is it you? The Winter Blues got everyone, I think. Depending...perhaps you live in Australia. Here in in London a bitter chill bites our bones should we venture outside...but I remain in; I am a remainer, due mostly to the virus I'm carrying, but due also, in part, to...the...question: Why bother going out? Why bother?! Why bother becomes a default setting as the blanket of lethargy lays heavy...

When's Spring due? When it's always due. You shouldn't wish your life away.

Here's some great music by Marion Brown... lifts my spirits to somewhere just below Feeling OK, which is some achievement.

Trump overdose - network clogged with jokes and news. Ironically, haters can't seem to stop publicising the existence of a president who thrives on being in the media and, in case they hadn't noticed, is impervious to criticism to the point of creating his own negative press simply by speaking, most of the time...the man's a press-eating monster, trashing liberal attacks like Godzilla tearing down pylons... the tail on the funky, not the donkey...

...Wellington WigOut may speak more sense than anyone, including me - Include Me (Wellington Wig) Out. So listening to Parliament again, not having done so for a while...the introduction of the hand clap at 4.17 is enough to remind me of what's right and how right Parliament were, not just in their comic strip critique of the world, musical chops and production but of course their total understanding of what Funk is, or was. For yes, friends, as you mourn the death of liberal politics take a moment to also contemplate the demise of Funk for it's disappearance, despite not gaining the news coverage it deserved, was a tragedy to some of us. TTFN

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