Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Vispo, Being Clever & A Horror Music Mix

Knowing Too Much, RTomens, 2016

Merry New....whatever...eaten all the mince pies yet? I've got four left, all mine because LJ doesn't eat them. Consumed enough? Still enjoying those socks you were bought? That's an old 'joke', but perhaps people do still get socks for Xmas. And a cheap box set of smelly stuff for the girls, of course. Right, that's sexual stereotyping out the way. 

Here's me trying to look clever outside a cafe....in Crouch End...where a lot of clever people live...so I always feel like an imposter who expects to get found out any minute and kicked out (or rather, gently encouraged to leave) by the middle-classes. With that in mind, I laid these things out on the table in order to deceive them all....

Image may contain: coffee cup

Horror mixes...remember them? As I was saying to James Robert Moore this afternoon, they got done to death and I was one of the people doing it three or four years ago. I suppose people still make them. People are always still making things...like drum 'n' bass tunes...and hand-woven baskets. Here's one of mine, anyway...

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