Tuesday 10 January 2017

Funniest Magazine On The Planet: Clod

You need a sense of humour living in Luton as the Clod creators do (he says, only having been there once, at night, in 1976, with no memory of why). Yet it's the very ordinariness of the town that gives birth to Clod humour which, in turn, mirrors everything about England that is anti-urban elitist and hip-sterish, therefore making it a quintessential Real English phenomenon. The perfect post-Brexit read! I say that cautiously, should you misinterpret what I mean. Clod staff happen to be pretty hip, music-wise, half being Jazz fans, hence jokes such as the Lester Young one below. Their sussed attitude towards Everytown (that ordinary high street of the mind that torments and intrigues us all, even Cool Capitalistas like myself - ha-ha) and Everyday life makes Clod so good.   

Clod should be available at your doctor's surgery, on prescription, to cure depression, but for now you can get it here. Their main website is here.

Also available, the Clod eReader...here's my copy. I now truly feel part of modern life...

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