Monday, 19 December 2016

Album: EUH! 1

Late entry for Best of 2016? Too late - who cares...Wayne Rex (drums, pipes ) and Kek-w (electronics, stuff) probably don't because they work in the spirit of disregard for lists, popularity and anything others might crave - they just make music for themselves and the lucky few who can get hold of it.

EUH! 1 is 'free' drumming and electronics, for which there are precedents, but don't expect me to recall them right now because I'm knackered after a hectic social week-end which entailed not just one but two late nights, in a row! Therefore, strangely, this combination of percussion and electronics somehow mirrors the state of my brain, ie skittering all over the shop yet not in an unpleasurable fashion. The art of the improvisers is a fine one, brilliantly displayed by this duo, who stitch all manner of sounds together in the spirit of joyful exploration. I particularly like the clockwork percussion of Alopecia, but to pick a highlight is impossible. There are so many, totally integrated. If you're quick you might get a copy from here.

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