Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Nothing here now but the perfume / Jim Haynes - Throttle and Calibration

For the wild boy in your life. I can't quite believe this is a real product...and to my shame, I'd actually like the box for Christmas! I'd wear it ironically, of course. Imagine someone asking what you were wearing then replying "Junky", or "Beatnik". Is this what it's come to; all those years rebelling against the 'square' world, living alternative lifestyles and writing books that broke boundaries? Yes.



"It burns" are the first words spoken on Jim Haynes' new album for Cronica, but I don't think they refer to the above perfume when applied to a shaving cut, although they could, of course...no Beats here, but abrasive noise, your ears soundblasted in a magnificent fashion and once again, even more severely, my little speakers truly tested for distortion...It Doesn't Matter...that must be the recording, surely. Please. Unlike some noise merchants Haynes is not out to test our limits of endurance but instead create tonal subtleties within the turbulence and on Kirikulaul enter a strangely Zen-like zone of industrial strength quasi-choral bliss, the kind which one might experience having witnessed an apocalyptic A-bomb event, survived and decided that the world will renew itself and become a garden of heavenly delights. Another quality release from Cronica.

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