Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hal Raglan / Gloria Gloucestershire - Split Cassette

Hal Raglan (aka Black Mountain Transmitter's J R Moore) and Gloria Gloucestershire (Nick Edwards aka Ekoplekz)(christ, enough pseudonyms already)(me, Robin Tomens aka That Fool Who Insists On Blogging Even Though It's So Last Decade)...where was I? This is as good as you'd expect if you know anything of either man's work and probably even better, what with 'Gloria' stretching her canvas (stop giggling at the back) to over 18mins in length (hold on, a 'canvas' can't be 18mins long, what am I talking about? Never mix metaphors) - anyway, stretching out like Bootsy's rubber band, minus the funk, but no less wonderful, a long space-age voyage in perfect Martian pop mode. Raglan, on the other hand, is a damned sight darker, like Gloria's evil alter-ego (thus they make a perfect pair) but thankfully rather than test the limits of noise distortion for nearly 20mins he morphs things halfway through and melts your mi-i-i-i-nd. Quite brilliant but having sold out as a limited cassette you can only hear it on Bandcamp now. 

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