Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Art Book: Too Much To Bear / EP: Revbjelde - For Albion Oh, hello, I've been busy over the last few months with the above product, a book of my art called Too Much To Bear. 24 full-colour collages which have not been seen anywhere before, not even on this thing called the intern-et. You can buy it here. Not that people buy things any more...things like art or music anyway. Buying is so-o-o last century, isn't it? Well, you'll never be able to download Too Much To Bear and with only 100 copies made if you want a thing you can hold, feel, flick through etc, go ahead!"


FOR ALBION cover art 

For Albion by Revbjelde is a thing you can buy and download. I suggest you do because it's very good. They make thrilling sounds for modern swingers....hold on, that's not right...they do make a thrillingly new thing out of the haunting genre (is that what it's called?) on Agrona Wuhhung, for starters; the spectral voice, chopping (?), creaking, groaning thing of beauty that it is. Faran Ofost is a splendid fusion of post-Disco bass with other noises and...oh, just listen and get it.

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