Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Electroacoustic brilliance: Georges Forget - Le dernier présent / New Art

Contemporary electroacoustic music par excellence. What more can I say? At which point, I feel I should say a little more in order to convince you that your music collection will be greatly enhanced by containing Le dernier présent, but would you take any notice? Why should you? I shall post a track and you can decide. That's fair, isn't it? After all, you're all grown up and know what you like by now. There's always a chance, however, that you haven't heard this kind of music before and will embrace it wholeheartedly. In which case, you may thank me if you wish. I won't mind if you don't either. I won't know.

I'll highlight one track, Orages d’acier (the French title for Ernst Jünger’s novel Storm of Steel), of which Forget says: 'I wanted to sublimate through music both of these war highlights: the dull anxiety and tensed boredom of the wait, followed by the commotion and chaos of the attack.' This he does superbly, shaping sounds of dread-filled tension, noise and terror. The sleeve notes are excellent, containing quotes from Melville and Baudelaire among others. It's available from ElectroCD.


Detail from a new piece I've posted over on the art site (she could have been listening to George Forget too loudly through headphones)

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