Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Toby Esterhaus - Technotheque

Forget 'Cold Wave' here's Cold War tinkering with electronics, tailor-made for those of you with Good Taste - I spy a classic example of tech-no music, flying under the radar of most press, no doubt, just as anyone toying with a fictitious espionage moniker should do -

- enter Kek-w, no less, trench coat collar turned up against the bitter wind as he stalks the shadows of East Berlin's mean streets trying escape attention BUT it is my duty to put him under this lamp in a bid to expose his shady manoeuvres -

- if not exactly a themed album, there are suggestions, as in titles such as the Vienna Incident, Stuck In Stuttgart, Unfilmed Chase Sequence and The Informer but forget film noir Blade Runner cliches as per usual when electronic music turns future detective - Esterhaus presents not cinemascopic sound drama but micro-film snapshots & Technotheque is all the better for that -

- he frequently throws us off the trail with jokes about Steve Strange, a sci-fi B-movie Martian skit and even some Ac_id but don't be fooled, his prints are all over this playful, eclectic, dark/light little masterpiece which in my book punches far above it's weight and deserves your attention so that you may enter the Technotheque, join Toby at a table in the corner and try to discover what he knows. Available from Eriksoisdance

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