Monday, 3 July 2017


,,,,,,,,,,have you heard the news from Neptune? the Arkestra asking me this morning at Work as I climbed three floors to mine because two of the lifts are broken so the queue was massive me starting to pant but not wanting to display signs of exhaustion in front of those also climbing behind me - I should have been listening to some energising Techno-thump like people in gyms do but sod that & anyway,
what's that got to do with Buried Treasure's release of Alan Sutcliffe material? NOTHING!
other than......
Sutcliffe's synthitones could well be broadcasts from Neptunians - like - first off, LIKENESS (ACM conf. California) is very B-movie sci-fi cold war soundtrack & well, so is most of it & you may think 'Oh not another retro-sounding electronic album' but it was recorded in 1972-3, not quite so retro as all the planets Americans were forbidden from visiting but did anyway in the name of killing communists, I mean aliens.
this compilation is brief but brilliant
aside from raw pure synth experiments there's the 14minute SLIDESHOW of Cage/Schaeffer kaleidoscopic concrete components which really is (and I mean this) one of the best examples of the tradition you will hear.
top marks to Buried Treasure!

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