Monday, 18 July 2016

The Poor Listener & The Poor Barber

Awful isn't it? Same ol' complaint - you get to 'a certain age' and it's harder to find new music that excites you. Same ol' complaint people have made since Pop music was old enough to be pored over by those of the first generation who probably mourned the demise of Elvis. Apart from the still with-it crowd who got excited by...Frank Zappa? 

Anyway, I'm wondering where all the great new music is over the last few weeks. Feels like it's all over (electronic dept) - though it's not, of course. I fully expect my jaded ears to prick up some time soon. So, thankfully, the mass of historical sounds we've all collected serve a good purpose. You always knew they did but it's a double-edged sword, basking in brilliance form the past. On the one hand you can't believe how good Bernard Parmegiani was, but on the other, how lacking in equal imagination/creativity most modern electronic music is by comparison. It's probably a stupid comparison to make anyway but I can't help myself when people like Aphex Twin are regarded a 'geniuses'.

Enter King Tubby, who I've been listen to again lately. I've just found this version of the John Holt classic, Ali Baba, which Tubby has mixed into a dub at least twice counting this. Killer machine gun/drum salvos!

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