Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Column One - Boiling Pool

Just as I had complained about the lack of good new music along come '...953 fragments, 722 situations, 952 interruptions & countless Sources, intensions & beings' courtesy of Berlin's Column One in the form of their new album, Boiling Pool. But it's not music! It takes something 'non-musical' to supply the remedy to all the average music around - naturally. If you know Column One you'll know they're capable of creating all manner of soundscapes from lengthy 'ambient' minimalist works to music with beats and a lot else in-between. 

This is a kind of masterpiece. I've had it on repeat all afternoon whilst working on various pieces of art. That way, fragments become familiar and such is the nature of the album that, unlike music, it never gets boring. Even I can only listen to a Charlie Parker album so many times in a row - none, in fact, because I never do that. Who would have an album on repeat? 

Boiling Pool begs to be repeated. Each snippet is brief, aside from occasional things such as a woman la-di-da-ing or a field recording and accordion, the contrast with sound-effects-type snatches makes it work all the better. I'm reminded of John Zorn's card game experiments, but actual samples increase the effect dramatically. Perhaps this is ideal non-music for these times of short attention span restless clicking. If that bothers those who wish for lengthier engagement with supposedly deep, expansive 'ambient' music, they'd best stay well away from Boiling Pool. For these ears, though, it's perfect listening for right now and an antidote to contemporary long form indulgence containing very little. 

Out now // 12" vinyl // limited edition of 245 numbered copies. Get it here.

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