Friday, 1 April 2016

Matthew Collings - A Requiem for Edward Snowden

Still eating the hot cross buns I bought two weeks ago, washed down with coffee - nothing wrong with them! - because they're packed with enough preservatives to outlive humanity....I should stock up the nuclear bunker with them...

...what's that got to do with music, specifically Matthew Collings' A Requiem for Edward Snowden? Nothing, except to say that you know as well as I do that unlike Gilson's Bakery's fine buns, most modern music is indigestible to start with, never mind lasting for over two weeks... first I thought the art critic Matthew Collings had made an album, although with this title it seemed unlikely. No, it's not him. It is a fine album though, the kind Pierre Boulez might have been proud to make, if I may be so bold...back when he was exploring the orchestral & electronic, which was the 50s, I think. I may be wrong. Here the soloists, strings, vocal snippets and electronic textures interact in perfect unison. Clarinettist Pete Furniss' work on Cinncinatus is particularly good, giving the impression of a Free Jazz/Electronic workout more than a 'classical'/synth fusion. Rapid Pulse is great too, riding as it does a kind of Steve Reich/John Adams 'train' with the bonus of Hollings' brutal interruptive pulse. Tasty.

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