Thursday, 31 March 2016

K. Fenrir - Drifting Towards the End / Harry Knuckles - Tónmennt (FALK)

[FALK0A] - Tónmennt cover art

Fuck Art Let's Kill - no, that's not my statement, but what the acronym FALK stands for - nice, innit? Fuck art? Tut-tut, these Icelandic nihilists...two suitably devilish releases here from Harry Knuckles and K. Fenrir. Tónmennt is especially brain-scrambling, in a good way, a way that makes you think 'There's more to this than just a bloody noise', which is the claim made for many Noise releases yet one I'm seldom capable of investigating because I can't get past the noise. Noise annoys. OK. Noise with some 'art' involved is better. Harry Knuckles' blasts are broken into slabs; bite-sized if you've got a big chops and strong teeth. A scrambled collage of smashed beats, abrupt breaks, loopy loops and screwed samples, Tónmennt may drive you insane, but right there on the razor's edge exists a kind a lunatic ecstasy.                 

K. Fenrir's Drifting Towards the End sets the controls for the heart of darkness, NASA samples and HP Lovecraft included but so submerged as to avoid the pitfalls of blatant reference. Fantastic textures to the first track, Floating Amongst Giants; it feels like the ebb and flow of primordial ooze whilst simultaneously being sucked in a black hole somewhere Out There. The screwed Lovecraft text of Night-Gaunts works brilliantly, that unearthly tone as omen for thing to come, or things that are already crawling into the black mountain cave of your soul. Submerged too Low is a stand out track. Listen below to hear why. Both albums are beasts. Enter at your peril.

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