Friday, 22 January 2016

Timglaset Magazine / Collage / The Phantom by Noumeno

Issue no.2 of Timglaset magazine is now available - the theme is psychogeography 
& it features a couple of 
pieces of artwork by me
but that's not why I'm 
promoting it, honest -
it's a great little publication. 
There's prose by Dolly Dolly too
& good photography.


Talking of my art. I've been going back to paper collage this week. 
Below is detail from The Thinker. Full picture here.


Noumeno - The Phantom cover art

Want some music?
Want some industrial-strength music via Berlin & Milan?
Grab your helmet then, this is a four-tracker of incredible force crafted by Stefano K. ​Testa AKA Noumeno that will clean your ears out but, I have to emphasise, it's not a racket for the sake of it, not the sound of buildings collapsing to rigidly timed detonation, no, but an intelligently built/deconstructed assemblage of rhythms & bowel-quaking noises. Limited edition of 100 tapes + insert, packed in silver ziploc wraps. Available here.

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