Monday, 25 January 2016

Lumisokea - Transmissions From Revarsavr (Opal Tapes)

.............aaah yes, right from the off with Generation Z Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi (Lumisokea) set the right tone, for me, for you, perhaps not, but what do you know about music? A lot, obviously, which is why you're here....................that or you just clicked on a link..................the thought of which does not displease me yet I delude myself that you visit Include Me Out regularly in order to get the word on what's worth hearing in the borderless expanse called 'electronic music' - yes - or no - 

Transmissions From Revarsavr........from where? Quite. Who cares. Since when did you really wish to find out the answers to mysteries posed by album titles? Life's too short. Right? ("so get on with the review!") - OK. 

It's Monday - King David's still dead - fuck it - that was no nightmare - wake up then and smell something new. This struck me in the guts after a few seconds but of course I withheld judgement, as you do, until hearing more, unlike a stupid judge on The Voice who turns too quickly (ie after the first few words) only to have to sit and listen to the contestant prove how mediocre he/she really is with wavering notes, possibly off-key a bit and a little weak, actually - oh shit - but if there was an alternative show Sound? And folks played two minutes of music, knob-twiddling....and Lumisokea came on with Generation Z, I'd turn in about 30 seconds...............and so would Goldie (he would be a bloody judge/mentor)........and they'd probably pick him - huh! (all of which means nothing if you don't watch The Voice, so sorry for that).

Screaming scraping machines on Buk - very good - and a funereal drum-turned-heartbeat - magnificent! Whirling syncho-beat drive as the dervishes whirl through space - lovely! Hyman Otor hits warp speed pat-a-pat-a-pat-a-pat all flutter and forward motion, running running on to a good full stop - bom! Great use of space on this album, the drops between and the swooooooshing, grating, clanging of Soviet machinery, subtle drones, disturbing groans, distant collapsing buildings..really, quite outstanding construction work...

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