Monday, 30 November 2015

Silk Saw - Imaginary Landscapes (Kotä)

                             so much good music coming my way I need:
                                                                   another set of ears
                                                                   more time
                                                                   but not less sleep because I probably don't get enough of that as it is and Silk Saw won't aid that
should I listen to more ambient music in order to induce a semi-slumbering state?
This is what I want!
This is stuff to feed an army on the march (yes, even somewhat 'militaristic beats here) as they go to war against the bright, shiny philistine hordes amassed out there, surrounding our castle, yammering to get in - shrieking, flashing whitened teeth and flexing spray tan muscles as they threaten to completely overwhelm us - BACK YOU BASTARDS!
(Is that imaginary landscape populated by our enemy really imaginary?)
No matter. Here is Imaginary Landscapes by Silk Saw - sonic warfare - KA-BO-O-O-O-O-M! yES! dIRECT HITS EVERY TIME, NOT pOP HITS, you guessed right. This duo from Brussels make a bruising sound but not mere Biff Bang Pow, no; layers of integrated piano, percussion, bass, drone fuzz - fantastic! Enough Slaps alone is worth the admission fee, not that you pay on Bandcamp but I suggest you do and buy the album, that way you can carry it around as you traverse real landscapes such as the city, or countryside, if you inhabit it, although these tracks are hardly conducive to pastoral pursuits......
                                                                                                                           ...a baby cries...some woozy sound rocks the piano from side-to-side whilst complex, irregular drum patterns play...
...hold tight...a rumble and drone, a noise like a fighter plane in dive mode warping, wavering whilst percussion flickers...this is good...bloody good...good for a grey Monday afternoon darkness descended black hole fag end of the day dirty deep experience - oh yes...

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