Monday, 5 October 2015

Pierrot Le Fou Jean Luc Godard (Lorrimer Publishing, 1969)

Cahiers: Isn't this kind of liberty in the cinema frightening?
Godard: No more than crossing a road either using a crossing or not. Pierrot seems to me both free and confined at the same time. What worries me most about this apparent liberty is something else. I read something by Borges where he spoke of a man who wanted to create a world. So he created houses, provinces, valleys, rivers, tools, fish, lovers and then at the end of his life he notices that this 'patient labyrinth is none other than his own portrait'. I had this same feeling in the middle of Pierrot. (Cahiers du Cinema, 1965)

A book containing the script to Pierrot Le Fou along with some stills.

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