Friday, 2 October 2015

Gerardo Iacoucci - Simbolismo Psichedelico / Sheffield Psykick Youth Firm - Memories Of Occupied Yorkshire

Great cover, eh? Gerardo Iacoucci's Simbolismo Psichedelico...such titles sound better in Italian...the first track will remind British listeners of The Clangers, but don't let that put you off exploring further because this 1970 library album is good mood music for modern folk, especially Introversione featuring Iacoucci's piano-playing in the echo chamber of imagined psycho horrors.

Talking of horrors, Sheffield Psykick Youth Firm's Memories Of Occupied, hauntology's not dead, nor is this an example...or is it? Anyway, another great title and band name, capturing the spirit of both Psychic TV and Sheffield's industrial past, by which I don't mean steel; hauntings, maybe, since post-Punk DIY electronic attitude haunts this album. What does it sound like? Rainphazer is like being in an electro-static storm, if that makes sense. To hell with sense. Imagine the Radiophonic Workshop's most nightmarish noise times ten plus some bird calls. It's not all noise, it's brief and I like it. Costs just £4. Only 50 made, so hurry over to here if you want one.

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