Thursday, 7 May 2015

Charles Cohen - Brother I Prove You Wrong (Morphine Records)

Charles Cohen creates more (not Pop) art on his (Music) Easel. Shapes bounce at your earballs, patterns play in your brain, magically springing from his trusty Buchla synth. Brother I Prove You Wrong is his first solo album since '88 and that's a long wait but if you treasure the handsome collection from 2014 you'll love this.

Cloud Hands starts in a style similar to the blackbird song in our back garden recently and if you appreciate the improv skills of the feathered maestro you'll know I mean that as a great compliment. With astounding skill, Cohen beautifully transforms the piece from chirpiness to sombre church organ-like tones. Visitors Of The Sacred Mountain begins with minimal but incessant quivering and grows into a deep space beast that eats into your cranium. Mankind And Mannequins captures the menace inherent in the alien figures that populate shop windows...with those eyes and that replicant flesh...where's a blade runner when you want one? There's narration to this but I've yet to work out what it says. It's outstanding all the same.

From the monumental drone of  Formation Of Matter to the layered density and drive of Cold War II, Cohen never puts a foot wrong. As the final track title suggests, Go Deeper And Listen.

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