Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bring Me The Head of Morrissey / Tory Rule

"Where y'bin?"
Nowhere much. Thanks for asking. It makes me feel as if you noticed.

The cartoon panel...looks like Morrissey's head, doesn't it? Ha-ha! I listened to his appearance on BBC radio's Desert Island Discs the other day. Well, half of it, but the pretentious git got on me nerves so I stopped.


Welcome to post-election Great Britain. Tory rule. It makes sense. Us proles can't help doffing our caps at posh people...they were born to rule. They know how to run things 'cause they went to posh schools where they learnt to be clever. Fuck the poor. No, I mean, everyone cares about them but...well, we all want to be home-owners and...you know...own stuff...'aspirational' they call it. The posh government's good 'cause the Tories already own a lot of things so they know what it's all about. The whining Lefty liberals are always going on about the poor, but if there were none, who would we be able to look at and think 'At least I'm not like that'? And the poor can look at foreigners in their bombed-out cities...or famine victims (do they still have famines? I haven't seen one on the news for ages)...and think 'At least my life's not that bad'. There's always someone worse off than yourself. Unless you're a famine victim. 

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